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Posted on : Saturday, 28 March, 2020  22:13
Location : Hyderabad, Chuncheon, Gangwon
Phone Number# : 7032688983
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I had a numeric Asian I had to take my girl friend wanted me to have an experimental risky surgery that after 4 years he was willing to take a modern house to make it happen the problem with girl friend who is very very good with me getting events that refused authorise this is used to worried about the possible side effects and giving all the time in the Model Service relationship theory related to war who is so hard having did you with all that from hospital bed only I have to do with my family following up her Model Service was also worried about Hyderabad Escorts my own mind humans need rights and how is it going to survive if I was allergic to feeding my self problem when I was Starving all the time find me the doctors agreed on a potential solution change my life life he was still not a perfect but it was something you are going to read it directly into my stomach in my small interceptor bag on the spider my Adnan whenever I need a t eat I wouldn't have my mail on a plate is no I didn't get you enjoying nice pieces take take instant I had complaint my food and store it in my bag now I can avoid shooting rolon giving electric reaction but at the same time.

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I got a feed myself somehow you is really depressing enjoy food by everyone at around me to go out on a date and regular growth my age playing in similar Saman I like it was hard as well too fast too hard the bag and movement after that would be a man I didn't happen hospital all over again how is creamy difference in sometime its work and I have to do you later because I have good intention I want to be like everyone so hard but everyone treat me like and made atom crystal hard height in the medical band hadtal my side it's now I can print head nothing is wrong with me even going the colleges the struggle but I am determined finished my studies and make something about myself that it ending on my family my whole life living with this has really winner talent but I am so grateful to be life my girl friend Hyderabad Escorts and bye friend and I felt like I couldn't even swallow any longer by girl friend freaked out and rush me to the hospital in that's when the doctors finally realize what was happening to me apparently he was allergic to eating whenever food mixed with my saliva it cuz the miles and have electric reaction and what was worth the doctor said it would only get worse with time there were many different treatment they recommended but nothing work I tried injections balls and so many types of pills if seem that every single day I had a new medication I had to take my girl friend wanted me to have an experimental risky surgery that cost of fortune and she was willing to take a mortgage on our house to make it happen the problem with the surgery was very risky so it could end up with me getting even sicker call work bye friend refuse to authorize the surgery is he was too worried about the possible side effects they begin arguing all the time in the sticker.

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I got the more their relationship that Siri rated I couldn't believe it when they decided to get divorce was so hard having to deal with all of that from a hospital bed not only did I have to deal with my family falling apart hi how was also worried about my own life humans need to eat right and how was I going to survive if I was allergic to feeding myself he wasn't impossible problem to have and I felt like I was starving all the time finally though the doctors agreed I'm at potential solution that could change my life it was still not a perfect one but it was something they were going to put it to that led directly into my stomach and let to a small and to septic bag on the side of my abdomen whenever I needed to eat I wouldn't have my meal on a plate hey couldn't he said it all no Hyderabad Escorts I didn't get to enjoy a nice piece of steak or a slice of cake instead I had to blend my food and Stewart into my bag that way I could avoid chewing at all in getting allergic reactions but at the same time I got to feed myself somehow he was really depressing I couldn't enjoy food like everyone else around me I couldn't go out on a date and bye friend like a regular girl my age being intimate with someone I liked was hard as well since I couldn't move too fast or too hard the bag could get loose with any said it movements after all and that would be a mess I didn't up in the hospital all over again people always treat me differently like I'm some kind of charity work and I have to deal with that because they have good intentions.
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